Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As our fiscal year comes to a close, we are encouraged with a great year behind us and excited for all that the next year holds for doeLegal. We have added new staff and increased our solution offerings. By adding new capabilities and increasing the value of our cost-cutting answers to corporate legal departments and law firms, we have provided a new path forward for them. No longer are they forced to decide between staff layoff or salary reductions to cut costs. They have a new answer, thanks to doeLegal's cost-effective, hosted legal services.

By offloading much of the in-house eDiscovery and eBilling tasks, the attorneys and their support staff can focus on their core responsibilities that bring revenue into their organization. Letting data hosting specialists take over those "other" tasks can increase employee morale, give executives more options, help every company go "green", and provide a better bottom line in the long run. doeLegal has no long-term contracts, ensures 24/7 access to data and support, provides a typical payback period within one (1) year, and hosts the data in their own Tier-3 Data Center. That is a complete solution provider, not just a service provider.

How expensive do you think hosting 3 terabytes of litigation data on your own servers is? Take into account the added support staff (or overwork what you have), the added storage devices, and the added risk of leaving your servers open to outside access.

With a doeLegal hosted solution:
• Only the required data is hosted on the remote server
• The support is handled at the host
• storage capacity is flexible so you only pay for what you use

We have a great story to tell and we can't wait to offer the best ending any legal organization can hope for - lower legal costs, better job satisfaction, and renewed financial strength in these challenging times. We are ready if you are! Call 302-798-7500 and ask to an expert or visit