Monday, October 26, 2009

2009 ACC Annual Convention in Boston

OCTober 19-21 was the date for the 2009 Annual Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Meeting held in Boston, MA. This is the show for the best and brightest to gather to discuss the latest trends in corporate legal departments and to see what technology can help.

This is the leading accredited education event for corporate counsel to attend classes and obtain the necessary CLE credits to remain current. There is also the opportunity for these GC's and AGC's to visit exhibitors, like doeLegal, in the main hall to explore the latest technologies available to them. Corporations are under greater scrutiny these days to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and increase their control over the information generated by their organization. While the economy may be rebounding, corporation will always have a need for strong litigation support, electronic billing, and matter management to help overcome the challenges faced by their legal department.

doeLegal, along with many others noted legacy exhibitors in the exhibit hall, were available to speak to and demonstrate their solutions. The attendees were all considered "decision-makers" for their organization. They approached us looking for solutions and were focused on which ones would provide the best answers to their daily challenges. Listening to their requirements helped us better understand what this position was looking for as they attempt to better management their matters.

Because of the event's structured schedule, all the meals and breaks brought the attendees back into the exhibit hall for more relaxed and comfortable discussions. There was not an abundance of time to speak with each visitor so it became imperative that we give them an overall picture of the solutions we can provide and deliver an executive summary that outlined our value proposition.

Speaking with other vendors there, we have demonstrated that we are truly a player in the electronic billing and matter management arena. doeBilling has been installed throughout the world to help better manage legal spend and now with doeMatters, this one solution can now completely managem the matters they control. Tying this to our already complete litigation support product, doeDiscovery, we can provide a corporate legal department with an all-inclusive solution to cover eBilling, Matter Management, and Litigation Support from Collections straight through to Production. Complete corporate transparency allows for better, faster decisions. With over 38 years of experience in servicing global, Fortune 100 companies and ABA's Top 100 law firms - we are ready to bring our doeLegal Suite to the world.

ACC did a great job putting this show together with a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes. The support staff was very responsive and helpful throughout the long days together. The attendees and exhibitors all had a good time sharing the latest information together. We look forward to more successful shows in the future.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Be Smart When Choosing a Litigation Support Vendor

The process of weeding out vendors that are incapable of providing exceptional technology solutions is becoming more difficult. We see so many out there trying to expand their customer base by venturing into a "marginally" related fields. For example - take a copier company that has successfully serviced their customer base for decades. They now see a new, expanding market opening up in the area of electronic discovery (eDiscovery). Many of these office machine powerhouses have decided that they could use a little more market share and they begin to market themselves as eDiscovery experts. Why not believe them, you use their copiers in your own office everyday?

Here's the problem - you trust them because they have proven themselves to provide the copier service very well. They have decades of proof with you. What makes you think they can provide that same degree of expertise in something they have never done prior? Scanning a document and processing it for collection for litigation is not the same as taking a piece of paper and duplicating it out the other end. Training and experience are what help real eDiscovery professionals correctly determine such criteria as privilege, duplicate, near-duplicate, and whether a document is responsive. Not having the background to work from puts more corporations, and firms that they used, in greater risk of facing heavy court imposed fines or being taken down with the vendor. Avoid this by using a true professional organization with a proven track record in doing EXACTLY what you are hiring them to do.

The answer is just that simple. Find a vendor that knows the pitfalls and risks. They should fully comprehend you are trusting them to protect you. Investigate their plan by asking questions to ensure you are completely protected. Get references to know they can follow through with that plan throughout the entire process. Having reports and metrics that allow you to manage the litigation on a moment-by-moment basis is a great way to ensure you have the data you need, when you need it. Being fully informed makes every decision you make that much better.

When facing litigation (and we all will at some point according to the experts), go with trusted experts that will allow you to focus on the case. Years of experience go a long way in giving you back your peace of mind. doeLegal has been supporting corporate legal departments and law firms through Litigation for decades. They are ready to show you how to lower your eDiscovery expenses while gaining greater control of the information.
The solutions are here:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As our fiscal year comes to a close, we are encouraged with a great year behind us and excited for all that the next year holds for doeLegal. We have added new staff and increased our solution offerings. By adding new capabilities and increasing the value of our cost-cutting answers to corporate legal departments and law firms, we have provided a new path forward for them. No longer are they forced to decide between staff layoff or salary reductions to cut costs. They have a new answer, thanks to doeLegal's cost-effective, hosted legal services.

By offloading much of the in-house eDiscovery and eBilling tasks, the attorneys and their support staff can focus on their core responsibilities that bring revenue into their organization. Letting data hosting specialists take over those "other" tasks can increase employee morale, give executives more options, help every company go "green", and provide a better bottom line in the long run. doeLegal has no long-term contracts, ensures 24/7 access to data and support, provides a typical payback period within one (1) year, and hosts the data in their own Tier-3 Data Center. That is a complete solution provider, not just a service provider.

How expensive do you think hosting 3 terabytes of litigation data on your own servers is? Take into account the added support staff (or overwork what you have), the added storage devices, and the added risk of leaving your servers open to outside access.

With a doeLegal hosted solution:
• Only the required data is hosted on the remote server
• The support is handled at the host
• storage capacity is flexible so you only pay for what you use

We have a great story to tell and we can't wait to offer the best ending any legal organization can hope for - lower legal costs, better job satisfaction, and renewed financial strength in these challenging times. We are ready if you are! Call 302-798-7500 and ask to an expert or visit

Thursday, February 26, 2009

LegalTech '09 in New York City was a huge success. doeLegal's comprehensive suite of hosted legal services includes eDiscovery, EDD processing, eBilling, case management, and content management. No other "trusted provider" of hosted solutions offers the same package of robust services provided via a Citrix, thin-client portal. This safe and secure delivery method ensures that your collaborative work runs faster than on your own servers. You never open your own servers to outside entities whether it be for litigation, compliance, or collaborative review so your intellectual property and client data can never be compromised.

doeLegal maintains their own Tier-3 Data Center with a flexible capacity of in-house storage exceeding 200 Terabytes. With support staff on-call and accessible 24/7 you are never down. With no long-term contracts to sign, potential clients had to stop and take notice of the benefits. With so many innovations coming out, we are poised to take the leading position in hosted legal services.

We even had Mark Twain with us to help show how legal innovations began. doeLegal brought the very first model of typewriter, the Remington Model 1 on loan from the Museum of Business History & Technology, to demonstrate the first piece of legal office technology. This particular model was owned by Mark Twain and it was on this typewriter that the first letter was produced. Mr. Twain went on to also write the first work of literature ever to be produced by a mechanical device - his "Life on the Mississippi". Mark Twain made himself available for photographs and we passed out our "I Met Mark @ doeLegal" buttons to everyone. Having one of the top three Mark Twain impersonators in the booth was a fun way to bring traffic and educate the legal community on how the typewriter led us down the path to the next generation of office technology - completely hosted, collaborative services. We can't wait to see what ideas come to us next year!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to 2009. Happy New Year to all our readers!

This year will certainly be a dynamic time for doeLegal and its growing customer base. New software solutions will add more punch to their already comprehensive package to include new updates for eBilling and eDiscovery that will further enhance those powerful solutions. The highest survey result from 2008 listed the most important challenge facing today's businesses is cost-cutting. Often this means layoffs, but there are other ways to reduce expenses without looking at staff reductions.

The idea is to cut expenses and reduce the time required to complete the daily legal tasks that so often account for over 60% of the expenses related to any particular matter. Hosted solutions help cut costs in many ways, but the most noted are:
1. Eliminating transit time for paper documents
2. Reducing the amount of documents (and time) to review in litigations
3. Automating invoice compliance and review
4. Providing collaborative access.

This changes the way most businesses operate, but once implemented the reduced IT workload, the protection of in-house server data, and the speed of access well pays for hosting cost. The ROI is typically within one year! doeLegal recognized these trends and completely updated their tier-3 Data Center to handle the flexible capacity needed to support a global legal community.

In proactively making these changes, doeLegal remains the leader in configurable, hosted software designed to eliminate more paper waste and improve office efficiency by 70%.

Ask them how you can make a difference in your bottomliner and start 2009 with a huge bonus! Call 302-798-7500 or email