Thursday, February 26, 2009

LegalTech '09 in New York City was a huge success. doeLegal's comprehensive suite of hosted legal services includes eDiscovery, EDD processing, eBilling, case management, and content management. No other "trusted provider" of hosted solutions offers the same package of robust services provided via a Citrix, thin-client portal. This safe and secure delivery method ensures that your collaborative work runs faster than on your own servers. You never open your own servers to outside entities whether it be for litigation, compliance, or collaborative review so your intellectual property and client data can never be compromised.

doeLegal maintains their own Tier-3 Data Center with a flexible capacity of in-house storage exceeding 200 Terabytes. With support staff on-call and accessible 24/7 you are never down. With no long-term contracts to sign, potential clients had to stop and take notice of the benefits. With so many innovations coming out, we are poised to take the leading position in hosted legal services.

We even had Mark Twain with us to help show how legal innovations began. doeLegal brought the very first model of typewriter, the Remington Model 1 on loan from the Museum of Business History & Technology, to demonstrate the first piece of legal office technology. This particular model was owned by Mark Twain and it was on this typewriter that the first letter was produced. Mr. Twain went on to also write the first work of literature ever to be produced by a mechanical device - his "Life on the Mississippi". Mark Twain made himself available for photographs and we passed out our "I Met Mark @ doeLegal" buttons to everyone. Having one of the top three Mark Twain impersonators in the booth was a fun way to bring traffic and educate the legal community on how the typewriter led us down the path to the next generation of office technology - completely hosted, collaborative services. We can't wait to see what ideas come to us next year!