Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to 2009. Happy New Year to all our readers!

This year will certainly be a dynamic time for doeLegal and its growing customer base. New software solutions will add more punch to their already comprehensive package to include new updates for eBilling and eDiscovery that will further enhance those powerful solutions. The highest survey result from 2008 listed the most important challenge facing today's businesses is cost-cutting. Often this means layoffs, but there are other ways to reduce expenses without looking at staff reductions.

The idea is to cut expenses and reduce the time required to complete the daily legal tasks that so often account for over 60% of the expenses related to any particular matter. Hosted solutions help cut costs in many ways, but the most noted are:
1. Eliminating transit time for paper documents
2. Reducing the amount of documents (and time) to review in litigations
3. Automating invoice compliance and review
4. Providing collaborative access.

This changes the way most businesses operate, but once implemented the reduced IT workload, the protection of in-house server data, and the speed of access well pays for hosting cost. The ROI is typically within one year! doeLegal recognized these trends and completely updated their tier-3 Data Center to handle the flexible capacity needed to support a global legal community.

In proactively making these changes, doeLegal remains the leader in configurable, hosted software designed to eliminate more paper waste and improve office efficiency by 70%.

Ask them how you can make a difference in your bottomliner and start 2009 with a huge bonus! Call 302-798-7500 or email info@doelegal.com

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