Thursday, October 23, 2008

doeLegal Journal is the new blog for doeLegal

Come back as often as you like to post comments and stories about doeLegal and doeTechnologies. We have been serving the legal and business communities by leveraging technology to improve efficiency while increasing control over rising costs. Our core competency is in providing safe and secure hosted applications to a global customer base.

We specialize in Litigation Hosting, Litigation Support, Electronic Billing (eBilling), Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) , EDD Processing, Case and Matter Management, Records and Content Management, Web Design, Advertising Design, State Bar CLE Administration, and Legal Service planning and Consultation.

Check us out at to see more about us. We are ready to demonstrate how partnering your IT and legal staff with our performance solutions can make a difference in your bottom line. Call 302-798-7500 to speak to a true service professional today!

Thanks for reading and feel free to post a comment until we come back up to write more. :-)

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